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October 13, 2014

LureCraft Fisherman’s Shop will soon be moving to Orland, near where the company’s owner started in the bait business in a garage.

September 12, 2013
March 11, 2013


December 10, 2012


October 29, 2012


October 25, 2012


October 4, 2012


It takes time, patience and money. But the rewards can be huge for the county as a whole.

August 9, 2012


How many industrial buildings are sitting empty in LaGrange County? Six? Ten? More than a dozen?

July 9, 2012


A joint meeting of county council and commissioners held Monday morning resulted in approval of two major projects from Major Moves funds.

May 7, 2012


LaGrange County Commissioners appointed a committee to study the application of the Michiana Event Center (MEC) for Major Moves money Monday.