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June 27, 2014

by Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service

February 6, 2014

Mark Leu

LaGrange County REMC CEO


To the Editor:

October 31, 2013

A short in a bathroom vent fan is believed to have started a Tuesday evening fire in a LaGrange County group home owned by ARC Opportunities.

February 4, 2013


Young people have the power, and it’s a power of giving that comes from within.

January 17, 2013


December 10, 2012


The ninth program that is being highlighted is the Small Group Home.

November 26, 2012


The sixth program being highlighted is The Arc of LaGrange County Thrift Store.

November 1, 2012


remain the same

June 18, 2012


There’s a new business coming to Shipshewana that will open in early July.

November 19, 2011

Imagine giving a gift that everyone wants but money can’t buy.

That gift could be one that brings more smiles, more joy, more hugs, and more time with family and friends.

Imagine giving a gift like that. Then imagine you can in the next few months by donating blood and platelets through your American Red Cross.