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Ordinances - Right of ways




The Town Council of the Town of Wolcottville (“Town”) hereby gives notice of its intention to sell certain real estate located in Noble County, State of Indiana, owned by said Town, in accordance with Indiana Code § 36-1-11-4. Said real estate is generally known as 102 S. Morrell St., and described as follows, to wit:

Lots 1 and 2 in Papa’s Place recorded in Plat Book 4, page 345, located in the Northwest 1/4 of Section 3, Township 35 North, Range 10 East

(the “Real Estate”), and as limited or modified by an Order of the Court entitled “Final Judgment” (the “Order”) dated July 18, 2016, issued in Cause Number 57C01-1511-PL-022 in the Noble Circuit Court. A copy of the Order may be reviewed and inspected at the offices of the Noble County Recorder’s Office or by review of the above-referenced cause at the Clerk of the Noble County Courts, and subject to all easements and visual encumbrances and encumbrances of record. Lots 1 & 2 shall combine to constitute a single tract for purposes of this sale. The tax identification number of the Real Estate is 006-1000085-00. Title to the above-described Real Estate was quieted in the name of the Town of Wolcottville by the Order. So far as is known, the Real Estate is vacant land.

The minimum bid is set at Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00), cash at closing, (the “Minimum Bid”). No bid shall be subject to a financing condition. The property is being sold in “as is” condition with any inspections of the Real Estate being made prior to submission of a bid. Taxes shall be prorated to date of closing. Transfer shall be by general Warranty Deed, subject to easements and visual encumbrances and encumbrances of record. The Town Council makes no representation or warranty as to any zoning designation or requirements or building use of the Real Estate and each Bidder assumes full responsibility and liability for zoning use and building use restrictions.

The Town Council shall receive written bids to the Town of Wolcottville, PO Box 325Wolcottville, Indiana 46795, of not less than the Minimum Bid from interested parties (the “Bidder”) from the date of this notice until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, in accordance with Indiana Code § 36-1-11-4 after which time no new Bidders will be allowed to bid. All bids shall be submitted on forms provided by the Town Council which are available at the office of the Town Council. All bids received are open to public inspectionand shall be accompanied by earnest money in the form of a cashier’s check in the amount of 10% of the bid amount, given to the Town Clerk-Treasurer and made payable to the Town of Wolcottville. The property may not be sold to a person who is ineligible under Indiana Code § 36-1-11-16. A bid submitted by a trust, as defined in Indiana Code § 30-4-1-1(a) must identify each beneficiary of the trust and the settlor empowered to revoke or modify the trust. No bid shall be withdrawn after submission of a bid without the consent of the Town Council.

The Town Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted. All earnest money on any rejected bid shall be returned to the respective Bidder within ten (10) days of said rejection. Closing on any sale is anticipated to be within thirty (30) days after all title and survey issues have been determined and resolved and shall be subject to final approval of the Town Council and its agencies.

Any questions regarding the sale, or terms and conditions thereof, may be directed to the Clerk-Treasurer at 104 W Race St., PO Box 325 Wolcottville, IN 46795; Phone: (260) 854-3151, during regular business hours.

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