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The following article was written by my fellow Master Gardener (gold level), Gwen Rinker. 

Dear Friends,

The Indiana General Assembly revised the farmland assessment formula during its 2016 session. Let's figure out what that might do to farmland assessments and property taxes.

Check houseplant leaves for brown, dry edges, which indicates too little relative humidity in the house. Increase humidity by running a humidifier, grouping plants or using pebble trays.

Dear friends,

Have you noticed the leaves? Wowie zing they are beautiful. Paws up to the beauty of fall.

John J. Miller, 83, Topeka, formerly of Nappanee, Ind., died Saturday, October 22, 2016 at his residence.

Dear friends,

My town mom asked me, “Buddy do you know what FYI” means? I told her nope. She said, “It means for your information.”

Dear Buddy,

Roses: A feast for many insects

50 Years Ago

in the Standard

October 13, 1966

Dear friends,

This is one for the books. Squirrels belong in trees, right? And, dogs chase squirrels right? And squirrels tease dogs in the trees, right? Right.