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Hi, friends,

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy did I ever have fun at the Pooches Paddle on the Mongo River Run on Sunday!


Les Garmire


To the Editor:


 (Editor’s Note: No one in this article is a mechanic. This will become apparent within moments.)


Madonna Price

Volunteer Coordinator


“Pooches Paddle”


It was over. And, like everything else during my six months in Germany in 1992, this was both good and bad.


Robert Fiedler

A landowner on

Shipshewana Lake



Here we go, one last time;

Or how to live outside of the books

One Guy’s Opinion

By Guy Thompson


Julie Meek



To the Editor:


Island living isn’t so hot;

Or how good my German really got

One Guy’s Opinion


Rob Wagler, Youth Pastor

Brighton Chapel



Hi friends!


Phil Malone, President

Howe Community Association



Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University


The weather is hot! The news on my mom’s radio this morning was it’s going to get hotter and very little rain in sight. So I thought I would help her out some.


Join the Movement to Help Indiana Successfully Become a Smoke-free State

“The Smoke-Free Corner”   by Greg Johnson 


The bells! The bells! or how do I convince you that I still don’t like beer?