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Hi Friends!



Dianne Fiedler





Wayne and Helen Quick



To the Editor:


Troy Sutton



To the Editor:


Bret, Vickie, Chyanna,

Arianna and Kiara Smith


Marvin O. & Lois Ross

Fort Wayne, IN



"Shawns Story"


Mary Lee Mitchell

Delta Theta Tau


To the Editor:


Julia Dunlap



To the Editor:


Buddy August 24 “In Trouble, Again.”

Hi Gang!


Mim Smith

Executive Director

KennyBurkett Clinic, Inc.


Wendy S. Petty, director

Indiana Department of Child Services, LaGrange County



LaGrange County
Relay for Life Committee Online and Ceremonies Chair


Hi, friends,

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy did I ever have fun at the Pooches Paddle on the Mongo River Run on Sunday!


Les Garmire


To the Editor:


 (Editor’s Note: No one in this article is a mechanic. This will become apparent within moments.)