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Articles in "Opinions"

Laura Lemings

LCCF Executive Director


To the Editor:

My friend, Sir Bentley, is with me this week. Remember, he is a King Charles spaniel.

Arron R. Knisley

Director of Communications

Dear friends,

Michelle Myers

Executive Director

LaGrange Communities

Deb Perrin

Sturgis, Mich.


To the Editor:

Seirra Bowman



To the Editor:

Les Garmire, LaGrange


Letter to the Editor:


Julie Yoder, All Cut Up,



To the Editor:

Doug and Joyce Nelson



To the Editor:

Last week I wrote about the first day of the Indiana Master Naturalist Annual Gathering, but there was just too much for one article, so here are Saturday’s events.

Dear friends,

My town mom laughed right out loud when I was sitting on her lap so I asked her why. This is what she said:

The LaGrange Communities Youth Centers, Inc.

Fundraising Committee