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The weather is hot! The news on my mom’s radio this morning was it’s going to get hotter and very little rain in sight. So I thought I would help her out some.


Join the Movement to Help Indiana Successfully Become a Smoke-free State

“The Smoke-Free Corner”   by Greg Johnson 


The bells! The bells! or how do I convince you that I still don’t like beer?


Sue Nelson

South Bend


To the Editor:


Cheri Perkins



Home away from home; Or how it was no problem

There was a man in the barn with his arm in cow, up to his shoulder.


Coach Gary Grogg

LakelandCross Country



Going off the farm; Or how did we get to halftime so fast?

It was time for a change.


J. Scott VanDerbeck

President, LaGrange Rotary



Karen Weiland



Water savings tips


Making things click into place;

Or how I found the loneliest spot in Germany

It had been easy. Almost too easy.



Fred L. Taylor




 (Part 3 of my experience as an IFYE to Germany in 1992.)


Dear Friends,

I received this letter from my friend Sheena, who spent 14 years with a good friend, Mary Hood from Ohio.


Oh, I was shocked, alright; Or how I learned to drive a tractor, in German


Melissa Stephens

American Cancer Society

Sara M. Evers
Wolcottville Community
Improvement Association

To the Editor:


Dear Friends,


Dear friends,


Gary Zehr

Executive Director

Shipshewana Retail