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Hi friends!


Phil Malone, President

Howe Community Association



Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University


The weather is hot! The news on my mom’s radio this morning was it’s going to get hotter and very little rain in sight. So I thought I would help her out some.


Join the Movement to Help Indiana Successfully Become a Smoke-free State

“The Smoke-Free Corner”   by Greg Johnson 


The bells! The bells! or how do I convince you that I still don’t like beer?


Sue Nelson

South Bend


To the Editor:


Cheri Perkins



Home away from home; Or how it was no problem

There was a man in the barn with his arm in cow, up to his shoulder.


Coach Gary Grogg

LakelandCross Country



Going off the farm; Or how did we get to halftime so fast?

It was time for a change.


J. Scott VanDerbeck

President, LaGrange Rotary



Karen Weiland



Water savings tips


Making things click into place;

Or how I found the loneliest spot in Germany

It had been easy. Almost too easy.



Fred L. Taylor




 (Part 3 of my experience as an IFYE to Germany in 1992.)


Dear Friends,

I received this letter from my friend Sheena, who spent 14 years with a good friend, Mary Hood from Ohio.


Oh, I was shocked, alright; Or how I learned to drive a tractor, in German


Melissa Stephens

American Cancer Society

Sara M. Evers
Wolcottville Community
Improvement Association

To the Editor:


Dear Friends,