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This week, Gov. Mike Pence held a bill signing ceremony for a new law I authored, Senate Enrolled Act 331.

Margaret Spearow Cline

Genevieve Spearow Helmer


Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Marie and Bill Dwight



To the Editor:

Tim R. Troyer

Steuben County Sheriff


To the Editor:

Sheriff Terry Martin



To the Editor:

Cassie Taylor, 10;

Emma Leggett, 10;

Brooklyn Olinger, 10;

The Friends of the LaGrange County Parks will have their annual meeting at noon on April 26.

Carla Mullen

LaGrange Women

of the Moose


Back in the prattle again. (Randumb brainburps not ready for full-columnal treatment):

Dear friends,

 I received a great success story this week from Khloe:

Q.This winter was very difficult on everyone and seems to have taken its toll on my shrubs. I think I know what your answer is going to be. But here goes!

Julie Meek



To the Editor:

Dear Friends,

Daemyn Priestly



To the Editor:

The upside of the Internet – you can easily communicate with millions of people around the world at once.

Meteorologists define March, April and May as the months of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Seasonally, spring is a time of birth and renewal.