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Dear friends,

Here is my routine. My lake mom wakes up, rubs my back and ears and tells me she loves me – I like that.

Laura Lemings

LCCF Executive Director


To the Editor:

Ark Animal Sanctuary

Board of Directors


To the Editor:

Stacey Massey

Topeka Events Director


To the Editor:

by Cecil Bohanon, Ph.D.

Dear friends,

John Parrish


LaGrange County Prosecutor’s Office

Wendy Yoder

LaGrange County

Child Support Administrator

Richard K. Muntz



To the Editor:

Valerie Whitaker and

Katie Yoder



Dear Friends,

You should have November 1 circled on your calendar! It is the annual dinner - auction at the 4-H fair grounds. The Blue Gate is catering and it is yummie! 

The Centers for Disease Control recently released a study into potential cost-savings associated with smoke-free public and subsidized housing.