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HOME (Indoor plants and activities)

As temperatures move closer to freezing and below, don’t forget to protect next season’s strawberry crop by giving those plants a nice cover of mulch.

Dear Savvy Senior,

What are the eligibility requirements to get Medicaid coverage for nursing home care?

Caregiving Daughter


Keep poinsettia in complete darkness for 15 hours each day — for example, between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. — for eight to 10 weeks until red bracts begin to show.

Dear friends,

Dear Friends,

It has been quite a week. Tragedy and some rough stuff. Remember what I said, rather Mr. Rodgers said, “look for the helpers and there is hope.”

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

Hi, Buddy,

Dear friends,

The iris is one of the oldest garden flowers and can often be seen as a remnant of a long ago abandoned garden.

Dear Friends,

Jean Fremion-McKibben


Home(Indoor plants and activities)

Prepare storage areas for overwintering tender flower bulbs and garden produce.