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Gary Grogg and

Thom Taylor

Lakeland Cross Country

Hi Friends,

Happy belated Father’s Day! I sure hope it was celebrated in your home!

It happens every spring in temperate regions of the world. Just as surely as the days get longer, the grass turns green and the flowers bloom, the social insects swarm.

Adam and Christy Allen



To the Editor:

Dear Buddy,

Things are starting to get busy on the lake. I still haven't decided if I want to go boating, but lots of my friends are out there with their moms and dads.

Our (Not So) Little Scholar

Angelo Petitti



To the Editor:

Dear friends,

Jason Perkins



To the Editor:

Janine Mellinger

LaGrange 1st Church of God


To the Editor:

Janet Grabill



To the Editor:

Steve Wilson

Assistant Principal

Lakeland Middle School

Patrick J. Kiely

President & CEO

Indiana Manufacturers


Amanda Rinkel

Greenfield Mills


To the Editor:


Phil Yunker



To the Editor:


Deb Bontrager

Animal Welfare Association