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Spring gardening ‘things to do’

Spring is here and it’s time to get busy!

This week, the Senate Republicans released our version of the state budget proposal for the next two years.

Rob Wagler

Youth Pastor

Brighton Chapel


Dear friends,

Last week was a rough one for Indiana as a state. The state, the governor, and all of us by association, were dragged through the proverbial media mud pit.

Patrick Glick



To the Editor:

Nature’s Best

By Elma Chapman

Floral City

Dr. Larry W. Phillips



To the Editor:

Charles Hartman


To the Editor:

Assistant Program Leader for Community Development, Purdue Extension and Senior Associate, Purdue Center for Regional Development

Shelley Brill

Amy Whited

Tri-Kappa Art Fair

Hi, friends.

George E. Brown



To the Editor:

Corina Marlow



To the Editor:

African violets are one of my favorite houseplants. Their care takes little effort, they do not take up a lot of space, and they bless me during the winter with beautiful blooms.