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Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year. Great gatherings. Carols (as long as I don’t sing.) Food. Gifts.

Jury still out on use of rubber mulch

Dear Friends,

For the first time, All-America Selections has selected a strawberry cultivar.

Property Tax Report

What do butterflies and the novel Lolita have in common? The answer is that Vladimir Nabokov, the author, was a lepidopterist – a person with an interest in butterflies and/or moths.

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Dear Savvy Senior,

This past week started out mild enough for some bike rides before the big winds came later in the week.

Gertie told me we need to always be thankful. I am thankful for tons of things. A warm home, security, food, biscuits, a lap, two moms, love and many pals.

I received a note from Itchy and it talks about some things going on at the Paws and Claws bookstore.