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Zoning changes approved by commissioners

LaGrange County Commissioners approved two amendments to the county zoning ordinance at Monday’s meeting. Both of the changes came to the board through a unanimous positive recommendation from the county plan commission.

The amendment relating to the flood plain map will help in determining where a building may be built in the county. Flood plains are established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and are administered through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The second amendment will give adjacent property owners the opportunity to object, if they so choose, to a kennel being established on an adjoining property.

Currently, kennels are considered acceptable in any agricultural zoned area and a kennel may be built by purchasing a building permit. No other approvals are needed.

The approved amendment to the zoning ordinance will require a land use variance for a kennel to be established in either an agricultural (A-1) or B-3 zoned area anywhere in LaGrange County.

The land use variance will carry a cost of $300 for the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) hearing. Depending on where the proposed project may be located, an additional $100 fee could be imposed for a hearing before the county plan commission.

A kennel is defined, and a permit is needed, before anyone is allowed to have five or more dogs over the age of six months. Anyone who currently has a kennel will be considered as legal but non-conforming.

Lora Lee Taylor of Taylor Engineering presented commissioners with a petition to have some road right-of-way vacated on CR 430S, north of Lot 71 in Hartzell’s Addition to Idle Hour Addition in Milford Township. Kenneth and Barbara Butler own property on the lake that contains buildings built by their grandparents, back before the lake area was platted. The home has been in the family ever since.

The issue before the commissioners is a petition to correct errors that occurred when the land was platted and roads dedicated. At this time, a garage building is built in the roadway.

Taylor indicated that the $500 filing fee has been paid. Commissioners asked that an ordinance be prepared by an attorney reflecting the request and that the ordinance be presented to County Attorney Kurt Bachman for review by Monday, Nov. 11.

The hearing on the petition was continued until 9:30 a.m. at the November 18 commissioners meeting.