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Youth turkey hunt successful


Youth hunters from near and far came to Stroh to hunt with Turkey Creek Outfitters for last weekend’s youth turkey hunts in Indiana and Ohio. These youth were successful in their hunts for spring turkeys in both states with one taking a tom that ranks high in the record books in Indiana and nationally.

Ellie Allen of Stockbridge, Mich., Clayton McCollum of LaGrange, Tanner Terry of Stroh, and Josh Fitzgerald of Warsaw, Ind., took their birds in Indiana. McCollum and Eric Vezina of Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Can., took an Ohio bird.

Allen is the 13-year-old daughter of Jason and Kerri Allen of Cedar Spur Productions, Inc. and “The Rush” TV show. Her turkey has been officially scored and places in both Indiana and national record books. Her turkey, weighing in at 24½ pounds with 1¼ inch spurs and four beards, is the largest turkey taken by a female hunter in Indiana and seventh in the nation. Her turkey ranks 10th in Indiana record books overall.