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Young alligator missing from Shipshe animal park

According to reports, a juvenile alligator roughly three feet long is missing from a Shipshewana animal park.

The Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park has more than 300 individual animals on the 30-acre site north of Shipshewana and recently found the young alligator was gone.

Reports noted that neither signs of damage to the enclosure nor signs of burrowing under the fencing were found. There were also no tail and track marks leading away from the enclosure.

It was pointed out that the small alligator poses no threat to humans, but the reptile would be facing a challenge to survive with other predators in the area as well as the arrival of cooler temperatures in the fall.

There is also the possibility that the animal was taken from the enclosure by someone looking to keep it as a pet. If so, reports said, it would not fare well due to the specific care and dietary needs of the animal.

Anyone with information about the missing animal can contact Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park at 768-7194 ext. 2.