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Wolcottville looks at selling old police car


Looking to get the best deal possible, the Wolcottville Town Council approved looking into listing the town’s old police car on eBay in hopes of getting more money for it than through a silent auction.

    Town Marshal Ryan Kauffman told the council that he feels that the town would receive less than what the car is worth if they go the traditional route of having a silent auction for the car. “Similar cars on eBay are going for more than what I feel we’d get with a silent auction,” Kauffman stated.

    Kauffman said that the new car is already set to be picked up, following an approval for additional appropriations from the Cumulative Capital Development fund, which was approved Tuesday.

    The council also instructed Town Clerk-Treasurer Jeanette Combs to look into setting up a PayPal account that would allow the town to collect money from the sale of the car, as well as a way to accept future donations for items such as the town fireworks and other events. Combs said she was checking with the State Board of Accounts on how to properly set up that account.

    In other business:

    The council was told that state law appears to allow the council to return to At-Large seats, as opposed to dividing the town into wards. It was originally thought that the town would have to wait for up to 12 years before making the switch.

    The council discussed progress on an ordinance that would establish a park board for the town. The council was told that one of the benefits of having a park board would be to gain grants from the state that would not be available otherwise.

    Resident Russell Shartzer discussed the issue of loose dogs in town with the council. The council told him to work with the town’s police department to address the issue.