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Wolcottville approves new police car purchase

The Wolcottville Town Council approved the purchase of a new police car with funds from the Cumulative Capital Fund.

Town Marshal Ryan Kauffman brought a proposal to the council at Tuesday’s meeting, with information on financing a new car for the department.

Kauffman told the council that the town had previously bought three cars at the same time and he did not want to put the town in the position of needing to replace three cars at once. He suggested the option of financing a car to start a rotation of replacing the vehicles.

All three cars are 2006 models, with 110,000 on one vehicle and 93,000 miles on the other two. Prior to 2006, the town received infraction deferral money from the county prosecutor’s office, which was used to purchase the cars.

The current state bid for police cars is $37,900, Kauffman reported. “I want to avoid expensive repairs, which we’re starting to get into now,” he added.

Town Attorney Kurt Bachman told the council that it would be easier and less expensive to purchase the cars outright instead of financing, if possible.

Town Clerk Jeanette Combs said that there is $50,000 in the Cumulative Capital Fund, and noted that purchasing instead of financing would also save the town from paying interest.

Following the approval by council members Dean Domer and Matt Jordan, Kauffman said that it takes around 60 days for delivery through the state bid system.

In other business:

The council formed a committee of residents who are interested in starting a park board for the town. The town will have to look at setting up a park department and its financing if the council wants to move ahead, Bachman told the council. The committee is the beginning of the process to work toward a park department.

The council seat for Ward 2 was declared vacant, with a special meeting set for 6 p.m. on Jan. 18. Those interested in serving on the council to represent Ward 2 need to contact the Wolcottville Town Hall.