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Wolcott Mills students attend Goshen Leadership Summit

On June 12, ten students from Wolcott Mills Elementary, along with three staff members, attended the 2013 C.L.A.S.S. (Connected Learning Assures Student Success) Leadership Summit at Goshen Middle School. Over 100 students from surrounding areas were in attendance.

    Alex Stanley, Baylee Slone, Caitlyn McNamara, Bracey Shepherd, Kaitlyn Wilcox, D.J. Smead, Evan Clark, Lauara Schrock, Mark Burlew, and Pilar Canedo were the students attending. Wolcott Mills staff attendees were 4th grade teacher Lori Jaeger, school counselor Kara Huelsenbeck, and Principal Brad Targgart.  Each adult served as a counselor for a group of students.

    Students spent the day learning the impact of various life lines such as perseverance, gratitude, generosity, and respect.  Then their task was to take their knowledge to the streets of downtown Goshen and approach pedestrians to talk to them about a specific life line, and to challenge those people to help spread the word of the life line through social media. 

    Students also recorded a 30- second public service announcement to promote the life line and the C.L.A.S.S. organization. This leadership summit was Goshen’s first ever for grades 4-6