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Wolcott Mills Students’ Passion Sparks a Hope for Fundraiser

Wolcott Mills Elementary is no stranger to generosity which seems to flow through administration, teachers, staff, parents and students.

Over the past several weeks, 4th graders at Wolcott Mills have been working on presenting a project on a particular country. They researched their assigned country and presented their information in various ways such as skits, role playing, poster boards, power points, videos they recorded and produced on their school ipads, and oral presentation.

It was a very rewarding experience for both the teachers and students as they learned so much about different cultures and countries from around the world.

One group, consisting of students, Breanna Baker, Luci Cook, Madalyn Fleckenstein and Laura Shrock, researched the country of Haiti. This assignment turned out to be perfect for this group, because group member, Luci Cook, had visited the country on a missions trip about two years ago with her mother and had seen firsthand many of the issues that face the country.

The four girls became more and more passionate about helping the country after finding about many of the devastating statistics such as the low percentage of children that attend school and the poverty and death that hit these children.

As an extension of their country project, the girls with assistance from their dedicated teachers, Lori Jaeger and Morgan Lehman, and support from principal Brad Targgart, planned and presenting a Hope for Haiti School Fundraiser project in hopes to raise enough money to sponsor a child to attend school in Haiti.

They presented their created project through oral and video presentation during a school-wide pep rally. The fundraiser will act as a contest between the boys and the girls.

For the next week, students and staff can drop change into either the girl bucket or the boy bucket that the girls decorated. The bucket that raises the most money will determine the winner and if a boy or girl will be sponsored.

The sponsorship is in partnership with Kingdom Road Project, Inc. and will sponsor a child from the Love in Action Orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquet, Haiti to attend school. The cost to send a child to school is $360.00 a year which includes their schooling and supplies, school uniform and food.

The girls’ hopes are that they will raise enough money to sponsor both children.

If you would like to support or help this project, please contact Lori Jaeger at