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Wible asks to spend deferral funds


CountyProsecuting AttorneyJeff Wible appeared before the LaGrange County Council Monday morning to ask for permission to spend some of the money in the infraction deferral account.

    Wible suggested spending some $13,000 for bulletproof glass at specified points in both the sheriff’s department and the prosecutor’s office. “We deal with some real crazies at both of these locations,” he said. “I would much rather be proactive on this issue than reactive.”

    He also asked to buy ammunition and invest in sending investigators from both his office and the sheriff’s department to a seminar on online pornography.

    Council members approved the requests for ammunition and seminars but asked Wible to look into possible Homeland Security grants for the bulletproof glass.

    Sheriff Terry Martin filed his year-end commissary report. He noted that sales were down due to the reduced population in the jail. “When sales are down, so are profits. This has forced me to buy a number of things out of taxpayer funds that have previously come from commissary profits,” he stated.

    Council also voted to amend the Rainy Day Fund Ordinance to funnel building department fees and fines into this fund as well as proceeds from the sale of county property. County Auditor Kay Myers noted that money in the Rainy Day fund can be used for anything that can be appropriated out of the general fund.

    Council also approved the county landfill standby letter of credit with Farmers State Bank. This $972,000 letter of credit is posted with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that LaGrange County has the necessary funds to finish the closing of the county landfill.