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Westview tops high school ranking website

Westview High School has been ranked as the top high school in the state on a website that looks at the school’s two required tests. used data on the state-mandated algebra and English End of Course Assessment (ECA) tests from the 2012-2013 school year, with Westview coming out on top ahead of Zionsville, Carmel, and other large schools.

Westview Superintendent Randy Zimmerly said that the district had been aware of the site for awhile. “Last year we were 13th,” Zimmerly said. “This year, we’re number one so it’s not a fluke. It’s a strong statement on our school system.”

Whereas the State Department of Education looks at those who have met a minimum passing requirement, Zimmerly pointed out that the site looks at the average score on those tests. “That comparison is the average score on the test, where the state looks at who’s met a minimum standard,” Zimmerly added.

This ranking, then, is a look at how high students score on the tests. “It’s true of our school system. In the school mission, it talks about personal accountability and going as far as they can go. It’s not just meeting minimum standard,” Zimmerly stated.

The fact that the website ranking looks at both math and English scores also plays into the core focus of the district. “We focus on math and reading,” Zimmerly said. “It’s important in terms of the foundation for students.” With a good base in math and reading, Zimmerly noted, students can pick up further skills as needed after they graduate and enter the workforce. “It’s best to create lifelong learners so they can adapt,” Zimmerly said.

The district recognizes the need for that foundation in local careers, as many of the school’s students are focused on those careers, Zimmerly pointed out. There are also a lot of great examples of area businessmen who own their own businesses and are highly successful.

Zimmerly also pointed out that the results that earned them a top ranking isn’t due to only the high school, as what happens in the earlier grades “sets the stage for later years,” he pointed out.

The ranking included 352 schools in Indiana. Westview had a combined score of 186.2, with a 94.7 score in Algebra ECA and 91.5 in the English ECA.

Prairie Heights was ranked 108th in the state with a combined 152.3 score. The school’s math ECA was 82.5, with English at 69.8.

Lakeland High School ranked 209th with a combined score of 133.9. The school’s math ECA was 65.1 in 2012, with English at 68.8.










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