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Westview statement on school security


The Westview School Board released the following statement at their meeting Thursday evening in regards to school security:

“The safety of students and staff in the school setting continues to be a high priority for local law enforcement and school officials at Westview School Corporation. Discussions and training are ongoing and current plans are being evaluated and modified based on new information. Consultants have evaluated our building emergency plans for response to natural disasters and man-made threats. Adjustments have been made to current emergency response plans based on the information provided. New plans and strategies are being considered based on these ongoing discussions.”

“The district is considering the possibility of hiring a School Resource Officer and will continue to explore the funding sources and benefits of such a program. A School Resource Officer would be a member of a local police force but assigned to a school, on school days, with part of the salary paid by the school.”

“Information about having armed personnel in the school setting is being gathered. These decisions will be well planned and developed quietly and will not be discussed publicly.”