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Westview to host IHSA Wrestling Sectionals

Westview will host the 2012 IHSAA wrestling sectional this Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

The Warriors will be joined in the field by defending team champion Prairie Heights, Angola, Central Noble, DeKalb, East Noble, Fremont, Howe School, Lakeland and West Noble.

The top four finishers in each of the 14 weight divisions will advance to the Goshen individual regional set for Saturday, February 4. The team champion will earn a berth in the Jimtown team regional to be held Wednesday, February 1.

The following is a list of the first-round pairings in each of the 14 weight classes. The top seeds appear in bold print.


106 Pounds

Connor Knapp (East Noble, 30-2) vs. Grant Tigley (Angola, 19-22)

Mike Hoon (Central Noble, 11-4) vs. Lukas Long (Lakeland, 24-6)

Brian Mullett (Westview, 30-6) vs. Hunter Price (Fremont, 27-11)

Logan Hughes (DeKalb, 2-4) vs. Kyle Mockensturm (Prairie Heights, 36-3)

113 Pounds

Matt Frane (DeKalb, 32-0)vs. Tyler Reith (Westview, 3-3)

Hunter Kline (Fremont, 21-18) vs. Nick Minnick (Prairie Heights, 10-29)

Sage Bell (Angola, 23-19) vs. Cory Niece (Lakeland, 15-17)

Jacob Pilnock (Central Noble, 14-20) vs. Sterling Lutter (East Noble, 17-5)

120 Pounds

Drake Stafford (Howe School, 0-18) vs. Nate Gerardot (Westview, 10-17)

Jacob Weimer (East Noble, 21-10) vs. Michael Comparet (Central Noble, 10-20)

Zachery Krumlauf (DeKalb, 23-1)vs. Winner Stafford-Gerardot

Lane Waite (Prairie Heights, 17-24) vs. Noe Gutierrez (Angola, 24-16)

Dylan Mast (Westview, 18-14) vs. Winner Weimer-Comparet

Randy Porter (Lakeland, 14-11) vs. Tanner Frye (Fremont, 28-10)

126 Pounds

Dilland Pollard (Fremont, 14-15) vs. James Barryo (Angola, 26-16)

Logan Williams (DeKalb, 10-19) vs. Alec Bonawit (Howe School, 8-4)

Kalib Jackson (East Noble, 28-3)vs. Kevin Morris (Westview,8-15)

Taylor Grim (West Noble, 16-10) vs. Winner Pollard-Barryo

Alexander Collins (Central Noble, 22-11) vs. Winner Williams-Bonawitz

Clay McCann (Lakeland, 4-12) vs. Joe Boots (Prairie Heights, 32-7)

132 Pounds

Josh Zeeb (Angola, 13-27) vs. Riley Jones (East Noble, 5-9)

A.J. Grim (West Noble, 32-5)vs. Dylan Monteith (Central Noble, 2-5)

Tony Steglich (Westview, 19-14) vs. T.J. Thompson (Lakeland, 22-8)

Alex Mix (DeKalb, 24-7) vs. Winner Zeeb-Jones

Donny Wiseman (Prairie Heights, 6-31) vs. Tylor Willms (Fremont, 32-4)

138 Pounds

Spencer Richter (Central Noble, 20-13) vs. Cain Shepherd (Lakeland, 13-19)

Lucas Reicke (East Noble, 25-3) vs. David Schmucker (Fremont, 21-13)

Anthony Adams (DeKalb, 12-12) vs. Chandler Hyndman (West Noble, 14-10)

Matt Neeley (Prairie Heights, 21-19) vs. Winner Richter-Shepherd

Jade Wilcox (Angola, 4-10) vs. Austin Lewton (Westview, 31-5)

145 Pounds

Nathan Hippenhammer (Lakeland, 5-12) vs. Trey Kennedy (Westview, 13-10)

Kevin Marsh (West Noble, 31-1)vs. Patrick Wood (Central Noble, 5-15)

Brock Baker (Fremont, 15-10) vs. Winner Hippenhammer-Kennedy

Tyler Householder (East Noble, 26-6) vs. Austin Bauer (Angola, 20-18)

Brandon McGrath (Prairie Heights, 2-25) vs. Connor Brummett (DeKalb, 25-8)

152 Pounds

Logan Good (Westview, 15-22) vs. Blake Swogger (Prairie Heights, 15-22)

Zach Bebee (Angola, 38-2) vs. Josh Kline (Central Noble, 4-14)

Eli Parks (East Noble, 14-12) vs. Nick Attikisson (Lakeland, 13-10)

Victor Guererro (West Noble, 22-13) vs. Brad Owen (Fremont, 18-20)

Jeff Mason (DeKalb, 20-5) vs. Winner Good-Swogger

160 Pounds

Tristyn Martz (Lakeland, 18-12) vs. Ricky Short (Fremont, 29-9)

Reed Holcomb (Prairie Heights, 36-6) vs. Gabe Reger (Central Noble, 2-25)

Aaron Mason (DeKalb, 27-6) vs. Sam Wilcox (Angola, 11-16)

Oscar Reyes (West Noble, 17-11) vs. Winner Martz-Short

Evan Argueta (East Noble, 12-11) vs. Winner Holcomb-Reger

Kegan Watson (Westview, 6-25) vs. Igor Zinyak (Howe School, 15-1)

170 Pounds

Jeremy Easterday (Fremont, 8-23) vs. R.J. Long (Lakeland, 6-13)

Garrison Snyder (DeKalb, 26-8) vs. Winner Easterday-Long

Taylor Warren (Westview, 24-13) vs. Eli Eckert (Central Noble, 23-8)

Blake Rodenbeck (East Noble, 23-6) vs. Austin Curtis (Angola, 16-22)

Alex Bentley (Prairie Heights, 7-29) vs. Zach Rupright (West Noble, 28-6)

182 Pounds

Clint Hoffer (East Noble, 17-5)vs. Austin Keckler (Lakeland, 7-12)

Thomas Lapham (Angola, 22-17) vs. Brady Elliott (Fremont, 29-10)

Mike Gaetz (Prairie Heights, 22-19) vs. Tavo Mora (West Noble, 20-11)

Jackson Jolicoeur (Howe School, 1-6) vs. Jake Hammel (DeKalb, 24-9)

195 Pounds

Zach Goodyear (West Noble, 29-6)vs. Alex Shoemaker (DeKalb, 4-4)

Benson Benally (Angola, 13-23) vs. Elliott Jimenez (Central Noble, 15-19)

Ross Walker (East Noble, 17-13) vs. Caleb Long (Lakeland, 11-15)

Chris Boles (Prairie Heights, 29-9) vs. Winner Walker-Long

220 Pounds

Bayley Coleman (DeKalb, 22-8) vs. Simon Holzer (Howe School, 9-5)

Chase Hanes (West Noble, 7-4) vs. Adam Dossett (Fremont, 19-18)

Brandon Joest (East Noble, 20-15) vs. Jackson Evans (Lakeland, 15-18)

Aaron Wheeler (Westview, 2-15) vs. Beau Hammer (Angola, 24-6)

Drew Bishop (Prairie Heights, 4-17) vs. Winner Coleman-Holzer

285 Pounds

Andrew Amos (Angola, 38-3)vs. Abel Deleon (West Noble, 0-2)

Ryan Baker (DeKalb, 11-10) vs. Justin Lee (Central Noble, 21-12)

Michael Yankosky (Westview, 29-9) vs. Brock Bergman (Lakeland, 10-10)

Ben Roberts (Howe School, 6-2) vs. Drake DeMuyt (East Noble, 27-5)