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Westview holds geography bee

In December, fifth and sixth graders competed in the preliminary round of the 2013-2014 National Geographic Bee at Westview Elementary School. The written test consisted of 50 questions on geography around the world. The top 10 scorers then advanced to the Final Competition Round Bee.

The final competition qualifiers were Drew Miller, Loren Miller, Amber Stutzman, Logan Baugh, André Stutzman, Ryan Schlabach, Aleka Ernsberger, Lindsay Stoltzfus, Corrina Hochstetler and Jack McCoy.

Principal Juli Leeper and Geography Bee Coordinator Ronda Hostetler conducted the competition in the school’s media center on January 14. This final competition consisted of a final round and a championship round. Final round questions were asked for seven rounds until the number of contestants was reduced to two. The two finalists then competed in the championship round. Winners were determined on the most correct answers in a three-question set.

Ryan Schlabach, son of Freeman and Jane Schlabach of Millersburg, prevailed and was declared champion. He is a fifth grader in Suzie Sheets’ classroom. Schlabach will go on to take a qualifier test. The state’s top 100 scores will be invited to advance in a state level competition in March.

Jack McCoy, son of Michael and Nikole McCoy of Wolcottville, was the runner-up. He is a sixth grader in Travis Davis’ classroom.