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Westview Elementary students collect cans for Riley Hospital


The students of Westview Elementary have been busy. In the past week they have collected over 145,000 aluminum cans.

A local facility will then recycle the cans and the proceeds will be donated to Riley Hospital for Children. Last year, Westview Elementary donated $2,284 to “Kids Caring and Sharing.”

Kids Caring and Sharing for Riley Hospital is a fundraising effort that encourages students to give to other children without expecting anything in return. The Riley Children’s Foundation believes “that children who give to others at an early age will continue to be philanthropists throughout their lives.”

There were six classrooms that brought in more than 10,000 cans each. The top two fifth-grade classrooms were Mrs. Sheets’ class and Kevin Miller’s class. The top two sixth-grade classrooms were Mr. Davis’ class and Mrs. Banghart’s class. To reward students for their hard work, a schoolwide drawing was held for a pizza party. Eleven classrooms qualified for the drawing, and the Westview Elementary P.T.O. provided the pizza for Mr. Stump’s class and Mr. Berkey’s class.