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Westview to build softball storage building


The Westview School Board approved the construction of a storage building for the softball field at their Thursday evening meeting.

The board approved $11,250 maximum construction costs for the building. Additional work planned will be through donations, the board was told.

The cost of the building was reduced by going to a single door after the removal of a planned overhead door and second entry door, as well as moving the steps to a press box area inside.

In other business:

The board heard a report on the effects of the half-hour delayed start on Mondays. The board was told that the time is being used by the staff to look at changes in the common core standards that are coming from the state, as well as working on implementing the teacher evaluation model.

Superintendent Randy Zimmerly told the board that the elementary grades “hit the ground running” with the delayed start, whereas the high school had more difficulty in making immediate use of the extra time. External agendas, such as common core standards changes and the teacher evaluation models, have started to push the upper grades into fully using the time, he added.

The board was told that the state may implement a second student count day in the second half of the school year. The state is also looking at increasing funding for full-day Kindergarten, the board was told.

The high school has three mobile wireless labs in place, each with 30 laptops, and should be operating within a week.