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Westview art show results


WestviewJr.-Sr. High Schoolheld its 2012 Art Show recently. In each category the first, second, and third place winners were announced as well as honorable mentions.

Tennelle Flowers received Best of Show Overall for her drawing titled “Mutany.”

High school winners...

Painting: first place, Katelyn Miller, “Bottles”; second place, Amanda Meadows, “The Dripping Environment”; third place, Samantha Hubler, “Emotion”; Honorable Mention – Sarah Birch, “Aiden”; Samantha Hubler, “Memories”; Julie Hostetler, “Generations Speak” and “Just Hanging.”

Drawing: first place, Tennelle Flowers, “Mutany”; second place, Amanda Meadows, “Athazagoraphobia”; third place, Sarah Brugger, “Eerie”; Honorable Mention – Tennelle Flowers, “It’s so easy when you’re evil”; Sarah Brugger, “Erika”; Sarah Birch, “Aiden”; Amanda Meadows, “Black Dahlia.”

Printmaking: first place, Alyson Mishler, “The Confusion of Life”; second place, Tennelle Flowers, “Underwater Tiger”; third place, Rebecca Lawhorn, “LeBaiser”; Honorable Mention – Julie Hostetler, “Ideas that Blooom”; Stephanie Hochstetler, “The Recreation of Black and White.”

Sculpture: first place, Drew Lankford, “Unique”; second place, Haylee Lee, “Karl”; third place, Taylor Bender; “Marty and Mort”; Honorable Mention – Jaiden Christner, “Schroom”; Tennelle Flowers, “Wicked Witch.”

Design: first place, Jeanie Miller, “Hot and Cold”; second place, Julia Wright, “Don’t Forget to Smile”; third place, Jeanie Miller, “Red Sea”; Honorable Mention – Jeanie Miller, “Fast Track”; Hannah Witham, “Live Life”; Erik  Hart, “We Need a New Plumber”; Lovia Schwartz, “Just Take a Look”; Elaine Mullet, “Light and Dark.”

Mixed Media: first place, Amanda Meadows, “I Want a Rescore”; second place, John Campos, “Reverse Deletion”; third place, Tori Oesch, “Self Exposure”; Honorable Mention – Aly Mishler, “One Little Bird”; Willie Varney, “Like a Boss”; Ariel Varney, “Rainbow Connection”; Katheryn Schrock, “Pixel Pop”; Charlotte Jones, “The Catty Idiom.”

Ceramics: first place, Haylee Lee, “Pitcher”; second place, Jeslyn Zimmerly, “Glass Meltdown”; third place, Julie Hostetler, “A Simple Bowl”; Honorable Mention – Katie Hawk, “Message in the Bottle”; Jessi Frain, “Willy”; Julia Thompson, “Ink Fountain”; Aly Mishler, “Textured Bowl”; Rebecca Lawhorn, “Schrute.”

Black and White Photography: first place, Laura Ramirez, “Pathway”; second place, Mandy Jones, “Negative”; third place, Lukas Miller, “Brothers”; Honorable Mention – Mohammad Mutlek, “Life of a …”

Computer Generated/Digital Photography: first place, Amanda Meadows, “This is our Beacon”; second place, Jessica Varney, “Snowbound”; third place, Laura Ramirez, “Straw”; Honorable Mention – Bailey Yoder, “Shattered Memories”; Aly Mishler, “The Drain of Room 159” and “Paradise”; Krista Miller, “Tornado”; Kassie Zimmerly, “Just Be Still.”

Sketch: first place, Kathryn Schrock, “Dotty”; second place, Justine Sumwalt, “The Benovolent Hungon”; third place, Jeanie Miller, “Scott and Me”; Honorable Mention – Justine Sumwalt, “Let Sleeping Wolves Lie”; Bailey Huffman, “Curious George”; Jessica Castle, “Clocks”; Jeanie Miller, “Mid-day Tea.”

Junior high winners...

Colored Pencil: first place, Carla Schwartz, “Space Drawing”; second place, Nathan Schrock, “Desert Animals”; third place, Sandra Yoder, “Jungle Scene”; Honorable Mention – Dora Eash, “Castle of Nowhere”; Esther Wingard, “Desert”; Michelle Miller, “Castle”; Geneva Miller, “Yellow Planet.”

Drawing: first place, Alyssa Lehman, “Self Drawing”; second place, Derek D. Miller, “Self”; third place, Julia Fry, “Self Drawing.”

Design: first place, Michell Miller, “Map Painting”; second place, Nathan Schrock, “Map Painting”; third place, Marcus Lambright, “Directions on a Map”; Honorable Mention – Beth Schlabach, “Circle”; Alyssa Lehman, “Birds.”

Perspective: first place, Jenny Schwartz, “Kids Only”; second place, Nathan Schrock, “Stores”; third place, Michelle Miller, “Forever.”

Ink: first place, JoDena Yoder, “Wolf”; second place, Christopher Reed, “Dog”; third place, “Sandra Yoder, “Gloomy Night”; Honorable Mention – Dale Yoder, “Cowboy.”

Collaboration: first place, Luke’s Group; second place, Cheyenne’s Group; third place, Chase’s Group; Honorable Mention – Jaid’s Group.