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Westview announces transfer student capacity

The Westview School Board announced that applications are now being accepted from out of district students. At Thursday’s meeting, the board determined capacity would allow up to 20 students in each grade level to be accepted.

“Unlike previous years this year we have more room to accept new out-of-district students” Superintendent Randy Zimmerly explained to the board when recommending the capacity numbers.

Individuals interested in applying to attend Westview can contact any Westview employee or school. To contact the central office, call 260-768-4404 or email eashy@westview.k12.

Westview Non-Resident Student Policy for the 2014-2015 school year:

 Non-resident student transfers shall be administered in compliance with IC 20-26-11-32 and all other applicable laws.

The number of openings available to new non-resident students in each grade level will be established at the April school board meeting. The Board shall also determine the date by which applications for transfer must be received and the Indiana Department of Education will be notified of that date.

Unless a different date is established by the Board, applications must be received by June 30 to be entered into a lottery drawing for available openings. Only applicants qualified under the law may be entered in the lottery.

The drawing will be held at the July school board meeting.

Qualified applicants chosen in the lottery will be accepted.

If the pool of qualified applicants is less than the number of openings there will not be a lottery drawing for that grade level and the application window will remain open until the openings are filled or the Wednesday following the Labor Day holiday, whichever first occurs.

These openings will be filled on a first come first served basis.

All applicants must sign a waiver allowing verbal, written and/or personal contact with the school of previous attendance and acknowledge that the application can be denied for reasons cited under IC 20-26-11-32 item “j”.

All non-resident students must reapply yearly but are not subject to removal based on capacity if they have been previously accepted and continue to be qualified.

The administration may assign non-resident students to a school based on capacity.

Transportation to the assigned school or to a bus route that goes to the assigned school must be provided by parents or guardians of the applicant.