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Water Resources Study Committee discusses im-pact of drought


State Sen. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) joined fellow members of the Water Resources Study Committee in West Lafayette Tuesday to assess issues regarding water usage, management and supply following the ongoing drought in Indiana.

In a joint meeting with the Natural Resources Study Committee, legislative members of the two committees met at 10 a.m. in Purdue University’s Deans Auditorium to address:

·        Purdue programs concerning water quality and aquaculture;

·        Impact of drought on public lands, water resources and agriculture;

·        Historical uses of state water resources;

·        Effect of users’ competition for water resources on natural resources, municipalities’ growth and agricultural uses;

“With this year’s historic drought, it’s especially important to review our water resources and consider possible methods for improvement,” Glick said. “It’s my hope the updates presented by Purdue University, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and other experts in this field will lead to a better understanding of how to manage one of our state’s most vital resources.”

Legislative study committee topics are assigned annually by the Legislative Council, comprised of 16 voting members – eight from the House of Representatives and eight from the Senate.