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Water line issue at former water park discussed

The Shipshewana Town Council heard a request from Phil Hyerly, representing the Blue Gate Garden Inn, to adjust the facility’s utility bill.

Hyerly told the council that there were two lines into the facility, with a four-inch line going into the water park area that is no longer used. However, the facility has still incurred bills for the four-inch line.

Hyerly asked the council to consider adjusting the utility bill so that it was based on actual usage. However, the council felt that they did not want to set a precedent for future situations and voted to only waive the penalty portion of the utility bill, if the bill is paid by the end of the month.

Hyerly told the council he felt that the decision was unreasonable and that the situation was unique enough that it would not set a precedent. He noted that there had been very limited usage and that it had been an unknown situation.

The council told Hyerly that, moving forward, it would be up to Blue Gate Garden Inn to decide what they wanted to do to change the situation.

In other business:

The board approved the interlocal agreement for funding of the Morton Street extension. They also awarded the bids for the work to Square One, who had the low bid of $248,738.76.

The council approved the updated operating procedures book for the Shipshewana Police Department.