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Water assured for Multi-Plex facility

At Tuesday morning’s meeting, LaGrange County Commissioners assured that there will be water extended from the Fawn River Crossing Industrial Park to the Multi-Plex facility very soon.

Commissioners approved a contract with DLG Engineering Services to provide engineering services for the water line. The line, which has been stubbed off on the south side of Fawn River, will be connected to a water main that will extend to the Multi-Plex industrial building on the east side of SR 9 approximately one mile south of the river.

This water extension commitment could be a key ingredient in the decision of a Three Rivers, Mich., firm that will decide before Sept. 20 whether or not to move its production to LaGrange County and with that production some 250 jobs. It is expected that the firm will quickly grow to employ about 450 people.

Cost estimate for the water line project is estimated at about $450,000. The engineering ser-vices of $46,500 will come from this project. Money for this project was appropriated by the county council earlier this year. The project is expected to take six to nine months to complete. Production in the building cannot start until the water is in place.

Commission President Jac Price said that the firm is “anxious to get started” and is in final stages of due diligence. “This action by us today will go a long way toward making this outfit feel welcome to LaGrange County,” he stated.

An inter-local agreement with the LaGrange County Regional Utility District has yet to be signed. County Attorney Kurt Bachman reported that he has drafted and forwarded a proposed agreement to John Gastineau, attorney for the utility district.

Economic Development President Keith Gillenwater presented a final agreement to commissioners on the county’s commitment to provide up to $2 million in financing for infrastructure for this project. Among the major items to be addressed will be a fire suppression system. The system is now a State of Indiana requirement that was not on the books when the facility was built.