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Voter center study group meeting

Are voter centers for LaGrange County feasible?

That is the main question a study group is tackling as it looks at whether or not LaGrange County should join the statewide trend of having voter centers.

According the Indiana Secretary of State’s office, voting centers are polling places where any eligible voter in the county may go to vote. The vote center model gives voters more flexibility on Election Day because they are not constrained to a specific polling location. Vote centers are connected through secure internet connections, and as ballots are cast, an electronic poll book is instantaneously updated.

Several counties around the state have used the voter centers. The state says that the voter centers can save counties money, especially if counties combine precincts with lower numbers of registered voters.

LaGrange County Clerk Bonnie Brown said the study group is just starting to meet to see if the idea is feasible for the county. They will be looking at the availability of sites around the county, with six to 10 sites possible if the county goes forward with the idea. The study group will also look at the cost of switching to voter centers, the training required, and other issues.

Study committee members are Bob Murphy, Joe Pierce, Mary Myhnier, Mark Eagleson, Pat Brown, Carlie Ashcraft, Jac Price, Marty Young, and Mike Helmkamp.

Also on the study committee are the members of the LaGrange County Election Board: Peggy Iddings, Cindy Llera and Bonnie Brown.