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Veteran headstone project adds eight to Greenwood


The Veterans’ Headstone Project recently replaced eight headstones for Civil War veterans at Greenwood Cemetery in LaGrange. The project is looking to replace a total of 18 headstones around the county this spring.

Project leader Jean Fremion-McKibben noted that LaGrange Monument Works continues to devote time and energy to the project to make it a success. She also praised the staff at Greenwood Cemetery for going “above and beyond” to assist.

The eight headstones recently replaced at Greenwood were:

Lewis Foster– Born in Ohio July 14, 1833, he volunteered for service in the Union Army on Sept. 24, 1861 and mustered out on Sept. 29, 1864. Private Foster lived the remainder of his life in LaGrange County, where he died on Feb. 17, 1899.

David Glor –Born in 1817 in Ohio, he was living in Wolcottville when he enlisted in the Union Army on March 29, 1864. He mustered out on July 2, 1865. David Glor’s duties as an artificer with the 23rd Battery, Indiana Light Artillery, were vital to the survival and success of his battery as well as the other units serving with them in the Army of the Ohio. An “artificer” is defined simply as a skilled worker. During the Civil War, the artificer title was often given to blacksmiths who repaired cannons and other equipment for the artillery unit. Men assigned as artificers often had skills in woodworking and leatherworking as well as blacksmithing. These men kept the harness and other leather accoutrements for the many horses in constant repair. Excellent woodworking skills were essential to repair wagons and limbers, the detachable front part of a gun carriage, consisting of two wheels and an axle, a pole, and a frame holding one or more ammunition boxes.

David died in LaGrange County on Oct. 17, 1896.

Thomas Sefton – Born Feb. 5, 1837 in Ohio, Sefton served in the Union Army from July 9, 1861 until his muster out on Jan. 8, 1863. His duties as a blacksmith/farrier were vital to the success of his company and regiment. Corp. Sefton died in LaGrange County on Nov. 15, 1902. 

Emanuel Mygrant– Born about 1843, most likely in Indiana. He enlisted in the Union Army on Jan. 1, 1864 and mustered out on July 22, 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. He began his service to the Union in the 2nd Indiana Cavalry Company F and was reassigned to Company C. Emanuel died on Oct. 17, 1896.

William Davidson– Volunteered for the Union in Ohio on Sept. 10, 1861. He served with the 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry until Feb. 15, 1864 when he transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corp. The 51st was instrumental in many major battles – a few of which are noted on their battle flag.

Edward Betts –Born in 1822 in Pennsylvania, Betts served with the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters, Company E, from Oct. 3, 1864 until June 20, 1865. Edward died March 2, 1894.


James M. Marks– Marks served in the 88th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Company G from August 1862 until July 1864. He further served in Company E of the U.S. Veterans Engineer Corp. James continued his service to his country as Sheriff of LaGrange County, from 1867-1872. He died on Aug. 17, 1876.

Pvt. William Gammill– Gammill volunteered on Aug. 29, 1862 into the 88th Indiana Infantry, Company G, and served in that regiment until his muster out on June 7, 1865. He died in December 186