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Utility district updates Shipshe West connections

The LaGrange County Regional Utility District is working to get court orders to have three Shipshewana West service area property owners hook into the new system. The district’s legal counsel, John Gastineau, updated the board Thursday on efforts to get the last property owners to hook into the system.

Gastineau told the board that of the seven properties that were not hooked up when the board gave him authority to pursue legal means to get them to connect, one property owner is hooked up and ready for inspection. Another one has agreed to the terms presented by the district to hook up, but has asked for six months to complete the connection. The district has not heard back from two of the property owners contacted.

The remaining three have had lawsuits filed against them in court. Two of the owners have received the notice of the suit, Gastineau said, but the third has not and he has asked for a personal service of the notice to the property owner.

A hearing has been set for October 17 for an order to connect, Gastineau said.

One property owner has asked for a change of judge, which Gastineau said will likely be granted, and would therefore not be a part of the October 17 hearing.

In other business:

The board established a rainy day fund, which the board was told would address some of the issues brought up by a recent State Board of Accounts audit.

The board approved an ordinance that would allow the administrator to pay claims prior to board meetings in order to avoid late fees, which was another issue brought up on the state’s audit.

The board authorized Gastineau to go through all interlocal agreements and to “clean up” any agreements that may have errors or missing documentation in them.