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Utility district looking at Shipshewana rate increase

Due to changes in the Town of Shipshewana’s wastewater billing rates and other factors, Shipshewana West Sewer District rates will be seeing a two-step increase this year.

 The LaGrange County Regional Utility District approved working with their financial consulting firm, Umbaugh and Associates, as they look at the rate increase. Currently, users pay $68 per month for sewer service.

The first step increase is expected to take the monthly rate to $74.97. The second step in December will raise the rate to $77.55.

The district expects to have a draft of the rate ordinance at the June meeting. After the draft is accepted, a public hearing date will be set.

The Town of Shipshewana is holding a public hearing on their rate ordinance at 6 p.m. on June 12.

In other business:

The district welcomed new board member Kathy Wonderly of Royer Lake, who replaces Bob Jarolim on the board.

The district approved moving a grinder pump at 3310N 920W in Shipshewana. The work will be done by Niblock Construction at a cost of $7,000.

The district is looking at replacing a sewer meter at Fawn River Crossing. The district believed that the older meter was not accurate. It meters the flow to the Sturgis system from Fawn River Crossing.