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Utility district grants time extensions for Shipshe West


As residents in the Shipshewana West sewer service area work to get hooked into the system, a few are seeking time extensions from the district.

The LaGrange County Regional Utility District approved four extension requests at their Thursday meeting and tabled a fourth request.

The board approved time extension to hook into the system for Dennis Martin, Joe Mast, Michael Victor and Mark Smith. The board set criteria to approve time extensions, including the user is current on all fees, have hired a contractor, and have been told by the contractor that they may not be able to meet the mid-June deadline. All four were granted a 30-day extension.

The request by Donald Holaway was tabled as he had not signed an easement for the district.

Martin and Victor were also approved to connect their grinder pump’s electrical service to their home service due to the location of the pumps.

Along with the extension, Mast was approved to replace a single grinder pump with a double grinder pump to share with a neighbor. The approval was subject to approval of the plans by Operations Manager Don Skinner.

The board was told that, of the 14 property owners who were bypassed by the system due to not having easement agreements signed during construction, six have ordered pumps to be installed, two others have made contact with the district to inquire about installing the pumps, and the remaining six have not made contact with the district.

In other business:

The district board tabled action on hooking to a proposed building by Aurora Services at CR 250N and CR 850W as they are waiting to hear back from the Town of Shipshewana on accepting commercial waste. The board was told that the district’s rate ordinance does have a category to properly bill the business.

It was noted at an earlier meeting that although Aurora Services will be classified as a commercial user, the waste produced will be the same as residential.

The board authorized a committee that is working with White Pigeon, Mich., to negotiate a new contract for service to the northwest corner of the county.