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Twenty-two arrested at underage drinking party Sunday

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On May 4, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, assisted by the LaGrange Police Department, Topeka Police Department, and Wolcottville Police Department, investigated an alleged underage drinking party on the north side of Oliver Lake.

    According to the police report, after the investigation 22 subjects were arrested on charges of minor in possession of alcohol. Five were between ages 18-20 and 17 were under age 18.

    The five subjects who were taken to the LaGrange County Jail were Chandler Aspy, 18, of CR 070W, Jordyn Bontrager, 18, of CR 450N, Gabriel Schlabach, 18, of Goshen, Daron Miller, 19, of CR 050W, and Kyle Miller, 19, of CR 920W.

    The juveniles were released to the custody of their parents.