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Twenty arrested at large party

Overnight Friday into early Saturday, LaGrange County Dispatchers received complaints of loud noise coming from a large party located at 10610 W 750 N.

Upon officer arrival, a large number of subjects began running from officers, many of them were observed carrying alcoholic beverages.

Officers apprehended 20 subjects under the age of 21 that had been consuming alcohol illegally; some of them were juveniles under the age of 18.

Police advise that there were over 100 people at the party. Not all of them were under the age of 21.

The subjects that were apprehended over the age of 18 were transported to the LaGrange County Jail on charges of Minor in Possession of Alcohol, a Class C Misdemeanor. The juveniles were released to their parents; they will face the same criminal charge, and their paperwork will be forwarded to the LaGrange County Probation Department.

Assisting the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department at the scene was: LaGrange Police Department, Shipshewana Police Department, Wolcottville Police Department, Topeka Police Department, and the Indiana State Police.