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Tri Kappa art fair winners recognized


The art fair sponsored by Mu Chapter of Tri Kappa Sorority has been going strong for 36 years. LaGrange County students of all ages are invited to participate through their school’s art department and submit their work to be judged.

The objective of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc. is to bring women into close, unselfish relationships for the promotion of charity, culture, and education. The sorority believes supporting local students who are interested in the subject of art is one way to promote culture in the community.

This year’s winning artwork is on display throughout the month of March at Parkview LaGrange Hospital, 207 N. Townline Rd. in LaGrange. The hospital will be providing refreshments for the artists and their families at a reception from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, March 9.

Listed below are the winners by school and grade level:

Prairie Heights Middle School

5th Grade: First Place - Taylor Stukey; Second Place - Amy German; Third Place - Kolton Taylor.

6th Grade: First Place - Gary Hayward; Second Place - Lane Bachelor; Third Place - Malachi Malone.

7th Grade: First Place - Shelby Fish; Second Place - Ethan German; Third Place - Coye Blodgett.

8th Grade: First Place - Amanda Prough; Second Place - Emma Kurtz; Third Place - Lucus McClannahan.

Lakeland Middle School

6th Grade: First Place - Paige Willms; Second Place - Morgan Bruce; Third Place - Taylor Lewis.

7th Grade: First Place - Faith Starks; Second Place - Kiara Smith; Third Place - Taylor Bowdish.

8th Grade: First Place - Cody Tuttle; Second Place - Morgan Campbell; Third Place - Kirstin Johnson.

Lima-Brighton Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Xander Bowman; Second Place - Xavier Goodman; Third Place - Ethan Marchand.

1st Grade: First Place - Emma Schiffli; Second Place -  Adam Sturgill; Third Place -  Jennifer Osori-Luna.

2nd Grade: First Place - Jaime Flores; Second Place - William Rinehart; Third Place - Quinn Barker.

3rd Grade: First Place - Jensen Miller; Second Place - Jaime Mullet; Third Place - Codie Vargas.

4th Grade: First Place - Elizabeth Jennings; Second Place - Jaron Fry; Third Place - Michael Kauffman.

5th Grade: First Place - Tyrah Bowdish; Second Place - Sami Scigouski; Third Place - Jaden Kauffman.












Parkside Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Juliun Landerach; Second Place - Steve Stidham; Third Place - Edna Yoder.

1st Grade: First Place - Aby Brewer; Second Place - Jayden Carter; Third Place - Noah Owsley.

2nd Grade: First Place - Antonio Figueroa; Second Place - Wyatt Priestly; Third Place - Collin Olinger.

3rd Grade: First Place - Ashton Mickem; Second Place - Mary Butler; Third Place - Chloe Gust.

4th Grade: First Place - Madison Keil; Second Place - Andrea Mendoza; Third Place - Manuel Nieves-Garcia.

5th Grade: First Place - Claudia Muñoz; Second Place - Lauren Christie; Third Place - Robert Lalancette.

Wolcott Mills Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Brionnah Brady; Second Place - Reahgan Adams; Third Place - Paiten Kimball.

1st Grade: First Place - Christina Raber; Second Place - Ronin Wise; Third Place - Macey Koger.

2nd Grade: First Place - Johnny Wright; Second Place - Brooke Retterbush; Third Place - Hunter Brinkman.

3rd Grade: First Place - Mary Raber; Second Place - Skyla Rupkey; Third Place - Kaitlyn Wilcox.

4th Grade: First Place - Erin Gulley; Second Place - Tatum Retterbush; Third Place - Catie McNamara.

5th Grade: First Place - Katrina Rose; Second Place - Blake Krahuec; Third Place - Raymond Raber.

Westview Junior High School

7th Grade: First Place - Karen Slabach; Second Place - Loranna Miller; Third Place - Matthew Yoder.

Westview Elementary

5th Grade: First Place - Maria Slabaugh; Second Place - Lindsay Stoltzfus; Third Place - Amber Stutzman.

6th Grade: First Place - Elaine Wingard; Second Place - Daniel Gingerich; Third Place - Jolene Yoder.

Meadowview Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Erika Yoder; Second Place - Isaiah Bontrager; Third Place - Jeremiah Miller.

1st Grade: First Place - Matthew Miller; Second Place - Caleb Miller; Third Place - Carolyn Lambright.

2nd Grade: First Place - Terry Miller; Second Place - Kayla Beechy; Third Place - Brian Miller.

3rd Grade: First Place - Kari Stutzman; Second Place - Kara Miller; Third Place - Crystal Miller.

4th Grade: First Place - Renae Lehman; Second Place - Sheryl Miller; Third Place - Caleb Yoder.

Shipshe-Scott Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Jonathan Roth; Second Place - Kara Miller; Third Place - Bryan Yoder.

1st Grade: First Place - Elijah Lehman; Second Place - Jeryle Lambright; Third Place - Curtis Miller.

2nd Grade: First Place - Derek Bontrager; Second Place - Isaiah Miller; Third Place - Abbigale Garrison.

3rd Grade: First Place - Holli Acord; Second Place - Penelope Eash; Third Place - Janell Miller.

4th Grade: First Place - Krista Yoder; Second Place - Karen Graber; Third Place - Bethany Lambright.

Topeka Elementary

Kindergarten: First Place - Eric Fry; Second Place - Titus Fry; Third Place - Ateika Alhag.

1st Grade: First Place - Jeremiah Yoder; Second Place - Karina Miller; Third Place - Jared Yoder.

2nd Grade: First Place - Kurtis Fry; Second Place - Monica Whetstone; Third Place - Jason Bontrager.

3rd Grade: First Place - Isaac Niccum; Second Place - Serena Lambright; Third Place - Bohdy Bontrager.

4th Grade: First Place - Andrew Wingard; Second Place - Ryan Schlabach; Third Place - Blake Diehl.