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Tri Kappa Art Fair winners to be showcased


The Art Fair sponsored by Mu Chapter of Tri Kappa Sorority has been going strong for 32 years. LaGrange County students of all ages were invited to participate through their school’s art department and submit their work to be judged.

This year’s winning artwork will be on display throughout the month of March at the Topeka Library, the Shipshewana Library, and Parkview LaGrange Hospital.

Shipshewana-Scott Elementary winners being displayed at the Shipshewana Branch Library are: Kindergarten – Christopher Miller, first place; Kaylin Mahon, second place; and Jayna Lambright, third place; First Grade – Madeline Hochstetler, first place; Heidi Miller, second place; and Linda Mullet, third place; Second Grade – Jamie Miller, first place; Lukas Hochstetler, second place; and Delila Christner, third place; Third Grade – Kevin Miller, first place; Katherine Stutzman, second place; and Dominic Hostetler, third place; Fourth Grade – Maria Slabach, first place; Corrina Hochstetler, second place; and Nicole Hershberger, third place.

Topeka Elementary winners being displayed at the Topeka Branch Library are: Kindergarten – Luke Helmuth, first place; Audrey Taylor, second place; and Karina Miller, third place; First Grade – Christopher Schrock, first place; Janeva Yoder, second place; and Dashayla Miller, third place; Second Grade – Lauran Blank, first place; Karla Troyer, second place; and Sara Yutzy, third place; Third Grade – Ryan Schlabach, first place; Emily Christner, second place; and Anthony Miller, third place; Fourth Grade – Zainab Alyharee, first place; Jaylynn Miller, second place; and Camille Pushman, third place.

Also being displayed at the Topeka Branch Library is Meadowview Elementary School winners: Kindergarten – Caleb Miller, first place; Landon Troyer, second place; and Jalinda Miller, third place; First Grade – Chad Hershberger, first place; Cole Mast, second place; and Galen Wagler, third place; Second Grade: Lillian Eash, first place; Allie Springer, second place; and Michael Jon Lehman, third place. Third Grade – Joshua Troyer, first place; Gabe Miller, second place; and Renea Lehman, third place. Fourth Grade – Lisa Miller, first place; Jonathon Yoder, second place; and Deborah Miller, third place.Winning artwork from Westview Elementary and Jr. High School will be displayed at the Topeka Library. Winners from Westview Elementary are: Fifth Grade – Michael Wingard, first place; Kent Yoder, second place; and Elaine Miller, third place. Sixth Grade – Vonda Miller, first place; Kenton Weaver, second place; and Jairo Mojica, third place. Winners from Westview Jr. High School are: Seventh Grade – Jeryl Weaver, first place; Karl Wingard, second place; and Jason Yoder, third place. Eighth Grade –Lorraine Bontrager, first place; Nadine Wingard, second place; and Dora Bontrager, third place.

ParkviewLaGrange Hospital will be displaying artwork from Prairie Heights, Howe School, and Lakeland School Corporation.

Parkside Elementary winners are: Kindergarten – Jazzlyn Whited, first place; Baleria Munoz, second place; and Aubrey Marks, third place. First Grade –Olivia Thacker, first place; Ben Keil, second place; and Bailey Kenner, third place. Second Grade – Jasmine Gerwig, first place; Terance Blankenship, second place; and Jessica Luna-Diaz, third place. Third Grade – Makayla Keck, first place; Naomi Bennett, second place; and Aileen Sosa, third place. Fourth Grade – Lauren Christie, first place; Eduardo Montoya, second place; and Kylee Palmer, third place. Fifth Grade –Janet Mason, first place; Keaton Fleeman, second place; and Austin Albert, third place.

Lima-Brighton Elementary winners are: Kindergarten – Adrianna Sturgill, first place; Edwin Garcia, second place; and Horacio Luna, third place; First Grade – Hailee Moore, first place; Isaac Larimer, second place; and Amelia Trump, third place;  Second Grade – Kalysta Shepherd, first place; Grace Sustaita, second place; and Cody Vargas, third place; Third Grade – Elizabeth Jennings, first place; Kendall Moore, second place; and Kassy Gonzalez, third place; Fourth Grade – Sami Scigouski, first place; Jaden Kauffman, second place; and Rachel Jacoby, third place; Fifth Grade – Adoniah Sustaita, first place; Paige Willms, second place; and Nayomie Allen, third place.

Wolcott-Mills Elementary winners are: Kindergarten – Gracie Parker, first place; Samantha Oakes, second place; and Christina Raber, third place; First Grade – Alex Fugate, first place; Alivia Rasler, second place; and Travis Downey, third place; Second Grade – Sklya Rubkey, first place; Toby Barton, second place; and Pilar Canedo, third place; Third Grade – Erin Gulley, first place; Waneta Miller, second place; and Hannah Harris, third place; Fourth Grade – Kaiden Thacker, first place; Raymond Raber, second place; and Dannie Miller, third place; Fifth Grade – Cheyanne Charles, first place; Krista Yoder, second place; and Alyson Wright, third place.

Lakeland Middle School winners are: Sixth Grade – Dwight Carter, first place; Gabriel Walko-Vonderohe, second place; and Montana McClellan, third place; Seventh Grade – Cheyenne Bechtel, first place; Jaden Conrad, second place; and Hope Russell, third place; Eighth Grade – Nate Plew, first place; Josh Russell, second place; and Cheryl Miller, third place.

Prairie Heights Middle School winners are: Fifth Grade – Bristol Bailer, first place; Larissa Rigsby, second place; and Bennett Johnson, third place; Sixth Grade – Kilee Stearns, first place; and Ellavra Shutt, second place; Seventh Grade – Autumn Parks, first place; Audri Hayward, second place; and Tyler Nott, third place; Eighth Grade – Lexi Norris, first place; Tara Penick, second place; and Tyler Scott, third place.

HoweSchoolwinners are: Seventh Grade – Lahwig Nailor, first place; Eighth Grade – Tyler Thompson, first place.

ParkviewLaGrange Hospitalwill host a reception for the art fair winners and their families from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, March 11.