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Trespasser flees, arrested next day


Deputies from the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department were contacted Friday regarding two fishermen reportedly trespassing in the area of 10935W 805N.

When officers responded and attempted to identify the subjects, one fled on foot.

A K-9 search was started by Shipshewana Officer Carlos Jasso with his K-9 partner, tracking the fleeing subject to a residence to the east of where the officer had made contact with the subjects.

Officers checked the residence, but were unable to locate the fleeing subject.

Officers identified the fleeing subject as Adolphus Edward Powell, 50, of CR 910W. According to the police report, Powell gave officers the correct last name and date of birth, but reportedly failed to give them the correct first name.

Charges are pending on Powell for resisting law enforcement, trespassing, false informing, and fishing without a valid fishing license.

Powell was booked into the LaGrange County Jail on Saturday.