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Transit grant awarded to Council on Aging

LaGrange County Council on Aging Director Cheri Perkins announced at Monday’s county commissioners meeting that the agency has been awarded an extra grant that will pay for three new transit vans.

Perkins was at the meeting to get signatures for the annual INDOT grant, which will be for $398,262 in 2014, up more than $100,000 from what the county got in 2013.

She told the commissioners that due to funds remaining from the federal government’s stimulus action a couple of years ago, there was another grant available. “It was a lot of extra work,” Perkins admitted Monday. But the extra work clearly paid off as the county will be getting funds for three new vans. “Normally it’s 80/20,” Perkins said, meaning the county would be responsible for 20 percent of the cost. This grant, however, “is for three vans at 100 percent. There is no cost to the county,” Perkins stated.

The funds are being distributed by INDOT and are originally from the Federal Transit Administration.