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Town of Wolcottville to survey residents

The Town of Wolcottville will mail income surveys to members of its wastewater service area through the last week in March. The income survey will determine eligibility for a CDBG planning grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

    If Wolcottville is successful in obtaining grant from the state, the funding will assist with a utility study for the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

    “This survey will determine whether we can get assistance from the government with our wastewater upgrade project and lessen the financial impact on each homeowner,” stated Wastewater Superintendent and Council Member Mathew Jordon. “We are still operating on a system that is partially a 40-year-old system and is in dire need of upgrading.”

    Region III-A will mail random surveys to residents in the wastewater service area. “The surveys are completely confidential,” said Kristine Christlieb, community planner from Region III-A. “The forms will not display names and responses will be mailed directly to a retired professor from IPFW.  He does not have access to the mailing list. He will tabulate the survey information and provide a summary report to the town.  If a sufficient number of surveys are not returned, the Town will incur additional costs of a second mailing.  It is important for residents to respond quickly to prevent delays in the time-sensitive application submittal and the progress of the study.”

    Questions concerning the income survey for the Wolcottville project can be directed to Christlieb at (260) 347-4714.