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Town of Wolcottville receives $2,500 for park improvement

Parks are a community asset that can sometimes be taken for granted, but maintaining them requires time and resources. After years of neglect, the Town of Wolcottville recently received $2,500 through “America’s Farmers Grow Communities” to begin improving its parks.

    The donations are made available through the Monsanto Fund. Through the program, winning farmers designate a local non-profit organization to benefit from the donations. Mark and Sara Evers of Evers Plainview Farms in Wolcottville have been selected as a winner in the program, and they designated the $2,500 to the Town of Wolcottville.

    “The money we will receive from the Monsanto Fund will go to the town’s Park Donation Fund and be used for projects like park beautification, playground equipment, and landscaping, among other things,” said town manager Jeanette Combs. “This will allow the funds to be used in a way that will benefit the entire community.”

    America’s Farmers Grow Communities was created to benefit non-profit community groups such as the Town of Wolcottville that are important to America’s farmers. For the Evers in LaGrange County, the opportunity to help grow their community became a reality when they were selected as a America’s Farmers Grow Communities winner during the second annual program. The Evers decided on the Town of Wolcottville because they knew it was in need of funding.

    “The town has almost no money to its name, so this will make a big difference,” stated Mark Evers. “My wife is on the town board and she's been working for years to raise money for community improvement projects. She's on the parks board, too, so she'll be able to put this money to good use.”

    In a ceremony held Jan. 18 at the Fort Wayne Farm Show, the Evers family got the chance to present the Town of Wolcottville with the $2,500 donation.

            In 1,245 eligible counties, farmers could win $2,500 for their favorite community non-profit. The Monsanto Fund expects to invest more than $3.1 million in local rural communities this year alone. In total, more than $207,500 has been donated to non-profits in Indiana