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Town approves fire rescue purchase


Members of the LaGrange Town Board approved the purchase of a cutter for the fire department’s “Jaws of Life” at Monday’s meeting.

The equipment is a demonstration unit and will cost $4,500 according to Mark McClish, chief of the Bloomfield-Clay-Town of LaGrange Fire Department.

Wastewater treatment plant operating personnel have received a “Best of Labs” award for the 9th consecutive year as well as a safety award for the 10th consecutive year. Jeff Moore, plant operator, made the announcement at Monday’s meeting.

Moore made his annual report at the meeting and noted that the sewage plant is at near capacity for the current plan of twice a year application of solids. “Although we are processing only about 25 percent of our capacity for raw sewage, we do not have sufficient storage for dried solids,” he commented. Original plans will be reviewed to determine what action needs to be taken to solve this issue.

Members of the board briefly discussed the possibilities of forming a LaGrange Town Court and the forming of a SR 9 Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District. It was announced that the local McDonald’s Restaurant is planning an expansion.

Dean Weir, coordinator of the town departments, was authorized to hire a part-time person to clean up the parks and park restrooms. Weir also said that he is planning to partner with the county highway department to chip and seal some streets this year.

Usage rates were established for the rental of Town of LaGrange equipment for private use. Rates for the town vacuum unit and pay-loader will be $175 an hour; trucks, $150, each person, $50; and police cars and vehicles, $50.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 18.