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Topeka New Holland employees share Christmas


Dave, Melissa and Verna Eichelberger of Topeka New Holland played Santa Claus to Parkview LaGrange Hospital’s emergency department on Dec. 14, delivering sweatsuits, underwear and socks for men, women and children.

“Instead of exchanging gifts during the Christmas season, the employees of Topeka New Holland decided several years ago to select a different non-profit agency each year and spend the money on gifts that meet the needs of others,” Verna Eichelberger stated.

“We often see patients in the ER whose injuries or other life situations have necessitated cutting away their clothing,” said Trevor Fry, RN, Parkview LaGrange Hospital emergency department manager. “Sometimes the injuries may be a result of a fire in the home that has destroyed everything. We truly appreciate the Topeka New Holland employees’ generosity. Having warm clothing that we can provide these patients can be the first inkling of hope for them in a devastating situation.”