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Topeka Easter Egg Hunt winners

Last Saturday, the Topeka East Park was busy with loads of games and prizes for all ages.

While playing games the kids hugged and took pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Kids gathered for the hunt and followed their group leaders (Topeka Lion's Club volunteers) to businesses in town. Ages 1-2 went to Save A Lot, 3-4 went to Topeka Do It Best, 5-7 went to Topeka Pharmacy, & 8-10 went to Ace Hardware.

The kids then get to do their egg hunt inside the stores. It was like a little adventure for the egg hunters.

First place winners in each age group received bicycles or scooters donated by Topeka Do It Best, with 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving games, puzzles, candy, stuffed animals, and much more donated by Topeka Pharmacy. 

The winners for the Topeka Easter Egg Hunt were:

Ages 1-2: 1st place-Ava Hufnagle; (no 2nd place winner); 3rd place-Havana Carr

Ages 3-4: 1st-Breanna Yoder; 2nd-Xsimba Munoz; 3rd Xsimba Munoz

Ages 5-7: 1st- Braeton Lambright; 2nd- Colin Yoder; 3rd- Jack Massey

Ages 8-10: 1st-Faith Christner; 2nd-Emily Penrod; 3rd-Cory Altinus