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Topeaka Softball League action


Timber Ridge Golf Course and Sandy Ridge Stables were the first teams to clinch second-half division titles in the Topeka Men’s Softball League last week.

Sandy Ridge Stables swept a doubleheader from the Outsiders by counts of 12-2 and 14-0 to gain no worse than a share of the Lower Division II crown with a 9-3 record. Champion Well Drilling, currently at 7-3, could tie for the title with wins in its final two games.

Timber Ridge sewed up the Middle Division championship with a 9-3 mark. D & R Miller Concrete finished a game back at 8-4.

With its split against Townline Stables last week by scores of 7-10 and 6-2, Streamside Woodshop all but salted away the Lower Division I championship with a 6-4 slate. Next best with 5-7 records were the Outsiders and Lord’s Seeds. Mike’s Automotive could catch Streamside by winning their last four games and if the leaders manage only a split of its final two.

The Upper Division chase remains in play though, at 8-0, Cedar Creek owns a three-game lead over ConCreations and Streetkids/Mojo, both of which stand 5-3.

In other action last week, Valleyview Blacksmith took a pair from Kountry Wood, 8-6 and 17-2, while AllPro Gas/Synergy split with Conncetion/MJ Acres, 27-26, 12-13.


Upper Division

Cedar Creek                           8-0

ConCreations                         5-3

Streetkids/Mojo                      5-3

Royal Motors                         4-4

Jamar Slabach                        5-5

AllPro Gas/Synergy               6-6

CCAC                                     3-7

Connections/MJ Acres        2-10

Middle Division

*Timber Ridge Golf              9-3

D & R Miller Concrete          8-4

Kountry Wood                      6-6

Silverbacks                            6-6

Valleyview Blacksmith         7-5

Lavon Yoder                          5-7

Slabach Logging                 1-11

Lower Division I

Streamside Woodshop           6-4

Outsiders                               5-7

Lord’s Seeds                          5-7

Mike’s Automotive               3-5




Lower Division II

Sandy Ridge Stables              9-3

Champion Well Drilling                    7-3

Townline Stables                  7-5

Good Time Clock                2-10


*Clinched second-half title



Jami Gamble maintained its one-game lead in the Topeka Women’s Softball League with a 14-1 trouncing of Mary Jo Martin last week.

The win improved Jami Gamble to 10-6, while Mary Jo Martin dropped into a four-way tie for second at 9-7. Cedar Creek, Cherokee and Auto Park also ended the week with 9-7 slates.

Cherokee and Auto Park each earned two victories last week. Cherokee handled Cedar Creek, 10-4 and Milk Haulers, 18-4. Auto Park slammed RV Transport, 21-3 and Jami Gamble, 17-9.

In the week’s other result, Mary Jo Martin downed RV Transport by a count of 14-5.


Jami Gamble                       10-6

Mary Jo Martin                      9-7

Cedar Creek                           9-7

Auto Park                              9-7

Cherokee                               9-7

RV Transport                       6-10

Milk Haulers                        4-12




Miller-Stewart             50.5-30.5

Redbird Tavern            47-5.33.5

Max Myers                  47.0-34.0

Woodland Park            45.5-36.5

Am. Legion                  43.5-37.5

Thompson’s                41.5-39.5

Ladies Aux.                 41.0-40.0

Hilltop Rest.                39.5-41.5

Clear Concepts            39.5-41.5

Deer Country               39.0-42.0

Stunna Enter.              38.5-42.5

Gitter-N-Done             37.0-44.0

Goshen Die                 34.0-47.0

Jack’s Feed                  22.0-59.0


Scratch—Pat Laffoon 129; Sharon Chiddister    128; Alve Shetler 97

W/Handicap—Jerry Archer 126; Paul Slabaugh 119; Dennis Smith 117; Herman Santos 115; Ron O’Haver 113; Dean Kiser 113; Gene Troyer 112