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Three named 4-H all-around showmen

Three dedicated 4-H participants were honored with all-around showmanship titles on Friday during the LaGrange County 4-H Fair.

    In the small animal all-around showmanship competition, Jeremy Wensink, 14, nabbed the title of Grand Champion Showman. Wensink, son of Ted and Jennifer Wensink of LaGrange, displayed his showman professionalism and expertise by showing a chicken, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a goat, and a llama.

    Wensink enjoyed the competition and said he’s had a great time during his six years in 4-H so far. Although he does many projects, Wensink’s favorite animals to show are his llama, poultry, and rabbits. His favorite project in the exhibit building is creative writing.

    The reserve grand champion in small animal showmanship was Victoria Miramonti, 15, of Orland. She showed each animal well in the competition, and she was happy with her title. She is the daughter of Chuck and Christine Miramonti and has been in 4-H for seven years. Miramonti shows horses, dogs, cats, started calf, and llama in 4-H, and she also has projects in the exhibit building. Her favorite thing about 4-H, and especially the showmanship competition, is “being able to show any animal with confidence.”

    In the large animal showmanship competition, Khyleigh North, 17, nabbed the title of Grand Champion Showman. She is the daughter of Mike and Cheryl North of Wolcottville and was excited to win the competition this year. North called herself “extremely competitive” and said she loved participating in friendly competition against the others.

    “It’s nice to be able to fall in my brothers’ footsteps,” said North, referring to her brothers Brennan and Tanner. Brennan won the large animal showmanship competition in 2009 and 2010, and Tanner won in 2006 and 2007. She was proud of her brothers then, and said, “I had to work very hard to get where I am.” North shows pigs and sheep in 4-H, and she regularly does projects in arts and crafts, gift wrapping, gardening, foods, and microwave.

    In addition to participating in the LaGrange County Fair, North shows pigs all over the country. She said that showing pigs is one of her greatest passions. Last year, North won the DeKalb showmanship contest and she hopes to do it again this year.