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Three arrested after being found in vacant house

During an investigation by the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department in reference to a nuisance complaint at a residence on CR 700N, west of SR 9 near Howe, it was discovered that for approximately 1½ months several people had occupied the residence without consent of the property owner and began using services that they did not pay for or have authorization to use.

Those occupying the residence were later identified as Nathan Morgan, Holly Morgan, Jerry Rial, and Michelle Dykema, all of Sturgis, Mich.

When officers attempted to identify the occupants of the residence, Rial had given a false name and was acting suspicious. Rial was later identified and arrested on a warrant out of Michigan.

Dykema fled from residence through a back door and was later apprehended after a short K-9 search of the area. Dykema was also wanted out of Michigan.  

Nathan and Holly Morgan were not at the residence at that time. Nathan later showed up at the residence, where he was questioned and arrested for theft of services and other charges.

Further investigation revealed that Nathan and Holly Morgan had moved into a vacant house which was in the process of being foreclosed on. A search of the residence revealed items associated with the consumption of methamphetamine and marijuana, which included smoking devices, syringes, tooters, scales, packaging and other items of drug paraphernalia throughout the house. Two minor children have also been living at the residence. Holly Morgan is wanted for questioning at this time.

 Nathan Morgan, 31, is being held on one count each of Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana and Theft of Services.

Jerry Rial, 23, is being held on one count each of Visiting a Common Nuisance and Trespass, as well as a hold for Michigan.

Michelle Dykema, 23, is being held on one count each of Trespass and Visiting a Common Nuisance as well as hold for Michigan.